Your assistance with the unexpected events of life, the random challenging things like car accidents, and car purchases are incredibly valuable to us. It’s actually immeasurable and quite essential. 

Ed B.

Bob & Joyce Photo (1).png

Without our periodic meetings with Scott, I wouldn’t know what’s happening with our resources


–  Bob B.


You have really helped us with our retirement planning”


- Brenda E.


It’s been helpful to see his goals and my goals, to see what we’re both thinking and create a combined plan to achieve it.

-Debi D.


Wow. I am impressed. You have a good team. These are good people. I am impressed they took the time to look into my situation. If I had only my circle of friends look at this, I would only have a tax-biased person and a real estate-biased person, so I really appreciate the 
variety and diversification.

- Dave L.


The Financial Road Map drew everything together so there are no loose threads. You no longer have to worry that something is not being attended to. Yes, it’s going to cost your money, but you’re receiving the full meal, it’s not a la carte. My entire life I’ve tried to piecemeal my finances, now I have tremendous comfort & security knowing that someone is out there looking at my finances in a way I never could have.

- Jennifer H.


The Financial Road Map helped me understand the big picture, it’s a clear snapshot of where everything is, which brings tremendous peace of mind and less anxiety.

Shaya K.


It takes a great burden off us knowing you’re on top of all the details of our lives.

Steve S.


Getting organized and articulating goals in a visible way has been valuable”

- Randy Y.


This is such a weight off me because I was up at night worrying. ​You relieved a lot of stress for me in general!​

-Rebecca T.